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Make your football experience all it can be
Make your life experience all it can be

Here at SoccerPlus NZ we create opportunities for you to see how the life Jesus offers is so compatible with all life offers, including a fun football experience.

So come on this journey with us, serving Jesus and playing football

2017 Significant Dates

Totara Springs April 24-28
Willow Park July 9-13 & October 8-12

NZCrossWhites Trials commencing February 5 - Tournament September 24-30

Football Weekend at Totara Springs (age 13-) Feb 24-26

Missions Trip to Paraguay & Brazil Nov 29sh - Dec 20sh

Come and join us on the mission field where people play football and Jesus is made known.


This really is an amazing opportunity in 2017 and beyond.
I am taking 13 13-17 year old guys and girls and 9 adults on an incredible adventure.
An invitation from Valencia CF Foundation Academy gives these fortunate players the opportunity to train under the Valencia Coaches for 2 weeks (13 sessions). They also get to play 5 games against academy teams and watch the 1st team train and play.
There is also an opportunity for those among the adults interested to go through a certified 8 module course while there.
After2 amazing experiences so far the next trip will be even better.
We fly out March 24 and return April 10
We are already planning the 2018 trip
Anyone interested will be welcome to trial.
I will even come to you if the interest is great enough
Contact me by clicking image below

A dream had some 15 years ago looks like it could be a real goer.
We are looking to establish a Christian Football Ministry Centre.
This would include a full size floodlit artificial pitch, street football courts and a gym.
In conjunction with Adventure Camp Trust Board and Carey Park Camp we are looking at the possibility of putting this next door to the camp in Henderson where activities, accommodation and conference facilities already exist.
Stay posted as we see how this will unfold.
We are Going

Paraguay&   Brazil
Are you interested in coming to Paraguay and Chile(Nov 29sh - December 20sh 2017) on a FOOTBALL MISSION?

Do you want to represent NZ as a Crosswhite?The CrossWhites are the NZ Christian Football teams under the NZCFM. In 2017 we are  taking teams to the Australian National Titles September 24-30 and the India Friendship Cup (U16) in straight after.The teams we are taking to Sydney are Mens, Under 23 mens, Womens, Under 18  boys, Under 16 boys & girls and Under 14 boys.
Although the banner is Christian and the tournament is run by the Australian Churches Federation, being a Christian is not an essential element. This opportunity is open to anyone keen to trial.

Grassroots Football
Whenuapai Primary Tuesdays 3.30 - 5
Kaurilands Primary Thursdays 3.30 - 5
Waitakere Primary Fridays 3.30 - 5
Arahoe Primary New Lynn Fridays 3.30 - 5

2016 saw some significant growth of the programme with new kids joining every week & new programmes developed.

Glen Eden Intermediate 4 - 5.30
Whenuapai Primary 3.30 - 5
Glen Eden Intermediate 4 - 5.30
Kaurilands Primary 3.30 - 5
Arahoe Primary 3.30 - 5
Waitakere primary 3.30 - 5

Ask me for a registration form

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