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I am interested in coming on a football mission
I live in
Countries of interest
Solomon Islands
My email address is
My name is
I am very keen to take a team over next year (2015) to Paraguay and Chile.
We have been to Chile 3 times and Paraguay once.
The experience in these countries is always amazing. The hospitality and opportunity makes the experience well worthwhile.
To make this work I need at least 10 people
Is one of those ten people you?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Read about the previous Brazil/Paraguay mission to get an idea of what we do.

SOLOMONS Itinerary
Day 1. Arriving in Honiara. Meeting the Solomon Crew
Day 2. Visit to Primary and Football Schools in Honiara-  Bishop Epalle and Koloale School of excellence/or watch a local club game 
Day 3. Game 1 NZFF Team vs. Koloale FC
Day 4. Travel to Tauba, Lau Lagoon. Malaita Province
Day 5. Football Clinic/Games/cultural exchange with Tauba School of Excellence
Day 6. Visit to Takwa School- Fun games/football skills/cultural exchange
Day 7. Visit Gwou'ulu School- Fun games/football skills/cultural exchange
Day 8. Rest, Relax/ fishing/swimming/snorkelling/island hopping etc..
Day 9. Visit Mana'oba School- Fun games and same as other schools
Day 10. Closing at Tauba and Farewelling NZFF Team
Day 11. Travel to Honiara.
Day 12. Rest Shopping for Gifts etc etc...
Day 13. Game with Marist FC
Day 14. NZFF Team Return to NZ

2012 - Brazil/Paraguay

The idea about missions can so often be predominantly about winning souls. The more I do these trips, the more convinced I am that the primary purpose is to create evangelistic opportunities.
I was so so excited to be a part of the missions in both these countries and see how much our presence encouraged our hosts. The most significant feedback was how we had created so much interest in their ministry from which they can continue to grow. It's not about us and our team, but about God and his greater purpose.
So, the highlight in Brazil for me was the visit to the Drug Rehab Centre where they have the worlds best worship leader. I could talk a lot about the football and how we got on and the games we played, because it is a football mission. But for me being at a worship service with 40-50 men who have found Christ in amongst their drug addictions is hard to beat. So emotional and so powerful.
Being there to bless and encourage our wonderful hosts (Pastor Marcos and Danielle) was a pleasure.
Uganda - like to go in either  April/May or November 2014 if I can assemble a team (about 14 days)
Paraguay/Chile Nov/Dec 2014
Bangladesh - like to go when I can assemble a team
This is true of other invitations to Senegal, Guinea, Solomon Islands, Thailand
If enough people are interested, I will take a team.
Guys, girls, young, old, as good as Messi or, just messy skills. You don't even need to be a footballer to be used by God and welcomed by us on these missions
Contact me (Kim Beale) for more information

1998 - Czech Republic/Singapore
2000 - Cambodia/Singapore
2001 - Germany
2002 - Cambodia/Thailand
2003 - Argentina/Uruguay
2004 - South Africa
2005 - Thailand/Laos
2006 - Cambodia/Laos
         - Argentina/Chile
2007 - Vanuatu
2009 - Argentina/Chile
2011 - Brazil/Chile
2012 - Brazil/Paraguay
2014 - Paraguay/Chile
???? - Uganda
???? - Bangladesh
???? - Guinea Bissau
???? - Senegal
???? - Solomon Islands
2015 - Argentina/Brazil
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