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I am interested in coming on a football mission I live in*

Countries of interest

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2019 - Brazil/Paraguay

I took an amazing team with me to Brazil and Paraguay. This is the 3rd time to both countries and the relationships formed will carry over to eternity.

I am grateful to God for allowing us to have the privilege of sharing Christ while playing the sport we love in countries we could never have dreamed of visiting.

I thank God for the amazing hosts.

It's difficult to put in words how much we were impacted by the people we met, particularly the kids.

I pray there will be many more trips like this and many more people will chose to come.

Paraguay/Brazil Nov/Dec 2021

If enough people are interested, I will take a team.

Guys, girls, young, old, as good as Messi or, just messy skills. You don't even need to be a footballer to be used by God and welcomed by us on these missions

Contact me (Kim Beale) for more information

1998 - Czech Republic/Singapore

2000 - Cambodia/Singapore

2001 - Germany

2002 - Cambodia/Thailand

2003 - Argentina/Uruguay

2004 - South Africa

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2007 - Vanuatu

2009 - Argentina/Chile

2011 - Brazil/Chile

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2017 - Paraguay/Chile

2019 - Paraguay/Brazil

2021 - Paraguay/Brazil

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