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Upcoming and past Preaching Opportunities

December 9-11

Totara Springs Youth Sports Camp

3 messages

Living in The Past

Living in The Present

Living in The Future

January 22 2023

Speaking at Titirangi Baptist

1 Corinthians 1:27

Please follow links below for opportunities I have had to preach

Totara Springs Elite Sports Camp January 2021

Overlying Passage - John 10:10

Message 1 - The Thief

Listen first to 'God's Not Dead' By Newsboys

then link

Message 2 - The Cross

Listen to 'Forgive Me' by Group1Crew

then link

Message 3 - Heaven - music in clip


Preaching at Titirangi Baptist Church April 18 2021

Theme Heaven (Motivation for Believers)


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