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So far we have won the tournament in 2007 (men) Victoria, 2008 (men) Queensland, 2010 (men) NSW, 2013 (U14s) WA , 2013 (mens) Brisbane and 2017 (mens) Sydney.

It is a very well run tournament that provides a great opportunity to rub shoulders with our Australian cousins, promote the opportunity for football ministry and create a platform to present Christ.

2017 was the biggest adventure we have undertaken. 5 teams attended the tournament from NZ out of a grand total of 39 teams all up.

Our best result saw all the teams make the semis and the U16 girls make, but lose, the final.

Across the board our most successful tournament

A big thank you goes to me management and coaching team for helping in a huge undertaking.

The 2023 Australian National Titles will be in The Sunshine Coast Sept 28 - Oct 3.

New Zealand will be hopefully taking 5-6 teams:-



Under 21 mens (born no earlier than 2000)

U17 Boys (born no earlier than 2004)

U16 Girls (born no earlier than 2005)

U14 Boys (born no earlier than 2007)

2021 NZ CrossWhites



The team I am trialing for is

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It is also important to make attending the camp at Totara Springs February 19-21 a priority. This will give a taste and test of what it is to be a NZCrossWhite

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